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Thanks to software, we are not only living in a time of unprecedented innovation, but also one of unprecedented opportunity and uncertainty. This series of articles identifies today's leading software companies and goes on to explore the trends, challenges and opportunities impacting them.

Across industries, companies face the challenge of software-led transformation

Software is at the front and centre of all major disruptive innovations today—whether as part of big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, connected homes, autonomous cars or drones—giving enterprises the opportunity through new digital capabilities to offer entirely new services, to enhance customer experience, to improve efficiency and to reduce costs, in ways never before imagined.

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Companies that reported faster revenue growth than their competitors allocated more R&D investment to software.

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Executives from industrial product companies say digital technologies increased revenue by more than 10%. Not surprisingly, they also expect digital investment to lower costs.

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In 2005, 75% of technology M&A was done by technology companies themselves according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Even before 2016 had ended, that percentage was down to 57%.

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Companies in vertical sectors now compete against traditional technology companies for the kind of software development capabilities programmers have; according to recently reported research in the Wall Street Journal, the top job openings in the manufacturing sector, based on the number of postings, are sales reps and software engineers.

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As software invades other industries, traditional software companies are not idle observers. Major technology vendors are aggressively partnering with non-tech companies, matching technology to business expertise.

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Emerging Markets Top 30 Software Companies

With globalisation, successful software companies are no longer limited to the US and Europe. They’re everywhere around the globe. They have some common characteristics, common advantages and common disadvantages. These leaders have overcome the disadvantages and levered the advantages to become companies to be reckoned with, either as competitors or partners.

The 25 Fastest Growing Cloud Companies

Cloud computing offers opportunity and obstacles. It can increase customer engagement, but it also lowers switching costs, thereby potentially increasing turnover if there is customer dissatisfaction. Software vendors must think about how they will transition all phases of their companies—not just the technical ones—to this new paradigm.

Global 100

The new edition of the PwC Global 100 Software Leaders ranking reveals the vendors who are taking advantage of both the evolutionary and revolutionary changes afoot in technology. While the cloud continues to underpin massive change, other trends are building on its capabilities to create opportunities in digital innovation, industrial capabilities and convergence within vertical markets.

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