The elements of contextual intelligence

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As mobile markets mature, value creation is migrating to how well a device or service adapts its content and functionality to a user's needs and preferences. Having awareness of the user's contextual situation---where she is; what she likes; who she knows; how she previously used a device or service and so forth---and having the intelligence to act on that knowledge is becoming a core driver of mobile innovation.

This article examines the emerging capabilities that enable mobile devices and services to provide contextually intelligent information or take actions on behalf of the user in a natural, almost human-like, fashion. PwC believes that contextual intelligence arises from coordination across three domains of technologies and capabilities found in the mobile device, the telecom network and the cloud:

  1. Conversation intelligence
  2. Sensor intelligence
  3. Decision intelligence

These domains interact at multiple levels and across multiple players. No single entity or industry is likely to own and control the end-to-end contextual value chain. Rather, the success of contextual technologies and services is likely to be ecosystem-led more than technology feature-led.

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