IP and Data Protection

In an age of global collaboration and accelerating change, competitive advantage can be gained or lost in a flash. Business ecosystems and the business processes therein depend increasingly on information–and its security–everywhere business is conducted around the world. At the same time, business and information security leaders are becoming increasingly aware that cyber threats are more aggressive, more unrelenting, and more effective. In addition, new privacy laws and incidents of privacy violations, identity theft and personal information mismanagement have increased regulatory and consumer pressure to prevent disclosure or compromise of personally identifiable and sensitive information.

From system failure and security breaches to intellectual property abuse and reputational damage from social media, building all aspects of digital risk into the corporate risk agenda is crucial, as is drawing on the latest tools, such as intellectual property and brand audits.

How PwC can help

  • Develop programs to proactively manage technical vulnerabilities and remedy identified breach points
  • Reduce the impact of cyber breaches
  • Spend wisely on enterprise-wide IT security
  • Extend IT security to third parties
  • Improve IT access and asset-management protocols

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