Consumerisation of IT

Employees are used to a user friendly experience with mobile devices, tablets or personal computers. According to PwC's 4th Digital IQ survey, 73% of leading companies agree that IT investments are made primarily to support growth initiatives and leverage emerging innovations such as mobile devices and social media.

What changes are IT departments making?

  • Developing enterprise applications that are easier to learn, and thus improving productivity
  • Developing user-friendly mobile applications
  • Implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs
  • Providing alternatives to email, such as internal chat and social networking

Key technology challenges:

  • Proliferation of devices with differing lifecycles
  • New device configuration and management requirements
  • Application development tools need to address multiple platforms
  • Increased IP and data protection and network security concerns

How PwC can help:

  • Providing new pricing and marketing strategies
  • Developing a prioritization and implementation schedule
  • Designing and implementing operational and IT strategies to manage cost and complexity without sacrificing growth
  • Developing a process to ensure the right decisions are being made on an ongoing basis
  • Creating a strategy to continuously monitoring the internal (organisational, operational) and external (customer, shareholder) impact

of IT leaders consider consumerisation “somewhat” or “extremely” beneficial.