PwC + IndustryWeek Webinar Talent & Workforce Transformation

PwC on Talent Management

This 1-hour webinar on September 1 features John Karren Partner at PwC Advisory Services and Robert Ginzel Director, PwC Advisory People and Organization.

The art of talent management is focused on attracting and retaining the best people. It looks at whether a business has the right people to deliver, both in terms of quality as well as quantity. It looks at the key talent pool and determines which skills exist internally and what other skills are needed, now and in the future. This is by no means a simple task.

Companies know they must meet certain basic requirements in terms of pay, benefits, job security, and advancement opportunities, but increasingly this is not enough. Management needs to ensure that employees, especially top talent, are engaged and motivated to perform at a high level and that they have the tools they need to be successful.

Management also needs to address the changing expectations of employees, particularly those in the millennial generation that are starting to enter the workforce. The industry needs to develop a value proposition for employees as compelling as the one it provides for customers.

Join Karren and Ginzel as they discuss the current trends and challenges on talent and workforce transformation in the manufacturing industry today.

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*This is part three of a four part series with IndustryWeek on Transforming Manufacturing. The registration link will also allow you to listen to past webinars and register for our October 13 webinar on Manufacturing Growth Strategies. 

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