PwC + IndustryWeek Webinar: Growth Strategies

This 1-hour webinar on October 13  features John Ranke, International Tax Partner at PwC Michael Kinder Director, PwC Strategy& Consulting Practice.

Growth Strategies

Today's industrial manufacturing CEOs face a global business environment that's becoming increasingly complicated to read and adapt to. According to PwC's 19th Annual Global CEO Survey, over the past decade, industrial manufacturing companies' exposure to economies around the world has increased. This year, industrial manufacturing CEOs are more uncertain about the future of the global economy -- just 24% think global growth will improve over the next 12 months compared to 34% last year, and 23% think it will worsen, versus 18% last year.

These views put additional pressure on senior operations executives to make more significant contributions to their company’s growth. The days when an operation team’s primary responsibility was to run a cost-efficient plant are coming to an end. Executives must increasingly find new approaches and designs that will bolster the top and bottom lines.

Although there are many areas that operations teams can explore for improving performance, several merit special attention. Broadly, they fall into the categories of:  rethinking the manufacturing footprint, implementing new enabling technology, and configuring the supply chain in a tax-aware way.

Join PwC’s John Ranke and Michael Kinder to discuss these strategies for manufacturers to boost top-line growth.

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