Building mHealth business models that work

Getting under the skin of success

Just look at the world around us — technology means consumer-centric products and services. Media, retail and tourism all offer online services as a given. Stakeholders are adapting their practices to compete, even to survive.

Every healthcare stakeholder will be looking to shift their focus to clinical outcomes, value, and patient satisfaction in the same way

PwC outlined six new principles likely to underpin the success of mHealth:

  1. Interoperability – the ability to be compatible with sensors and other mobile or non-mobile devices to share vast amounts of data — such as sharing patient records and healthcare plans.
  2. Integration – being a natural part of existing provider and patient workflows, so supporting new behaviours.
  3. Intelligence – problem-solving capability to give real-time, qualitative answers based on data.
  4. Socialisation – being a trusted community for people to share information, offer support, coaching and recommendations.
  5. Outcomes – being driven by healthcare objectives and return on investment with the focus on cost, access and quality.
  6. Engagement – being open and responsive to patient participation. Including instant feedback from multiple sources so that behaviour and performance can be fully realised and understood.

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