Country focus: Sweden

Welcome to the Public Centre Research Centre - Sweden. This section features insightful research from Sweden and similar countries on the issues and the challenges faced by public sector and government officials while providing a roadmap of the future of government. To view global publications, please choose the option "all publications" in the menu to the left.

Searching for the micro-multinationals

The report addresses the challenges that small and medium players in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector are facing when they want to grow and expand across borders in the Baltic Sea region.

A closer look at e-government

This PwC publication from Sweden explains why e-services can be used by public administration individuals and institutions alike to dramatically improve society’s capacity for development and innovative capacity.

Northern Lights - The Nordic Cities of Opportunity

This paper applies the global methodology from the annual Cities of Opportunity report to the five Nordic capitals. This paper also explores the huge potential for regional collaboration enabling nordic capitals to compete globally.