FS Viewpoint: Hope for the best plan for the worst - A survey of financial institution preparedness

As part of PwC's unfinished business initiative (PwC's dedicated team set up to tackle the on-going issues arising in the Euro Zone) we surveyed 30 of the leading financial institutions with operations in Europe to gauge their level of preparedness for a new shock or crisis in the Eurozone. The findings of our survey supports the view that while there are still significant structural issues, there is progress being made, however risks remain and the uncertainty that exists around the reviews and any potential fall outs are keeping the markets on high alert.

We have identified three key steps that could immediately strengthen your ability to anticipate, prepare and withstand potential crisis scenarios and these are discussed in detail in the report and explored further in the video below.

FS Viewpoint - Hope for the best, plan for the worst

To follow up on the original survey we have a lined up a panel of experts (John Garvey, US Banking and Capital Markets X-Los Lead, Burkhard Eckes, Germany Banking and Capital Markets Lead Partner, Miles Kennedy, UK Financial Services Parner) to host a client webcast - for details of this and further Eurozone information, please contact - John Garvey.