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Assessing the future trends for financial services

Financial services is set for transformation as its role, industry structure and commercial realities are disrupted by the major trends reshaping the global economy and competitive landscape. As smart and agile players leapfrog slower moving competitors, many businesses will be unrecognisable and the list of market leaders could be very different by the end of the decade.

The Project Blue framework

  • Helps you assess these trends and how they'll impact your strategy and business model. Seeing the future clearly and developing a proactive response -- rather than simply reacting to events -- will be a key source of competitive advantage in a fast-evolving market.
  • Considers the rise and inter-connectivity of emerging markets and state-directed approaches to economic development.
  • Examines the impact of new technology, demographics, changing customer behaviour and mounting pressure on the world’s most critical natural resources.

The Project Blue analysis draws on the perspectives of industry leaders and PwC’s network around the world. It also brings together a huge amount of research into the forces shaping the global economy, customer expectations and government policy.

Rather than offering one way forward, the Project Blue framework recognises that whether these developments are threats or opportunities depends on the nature of your organisation and where in the world you sit. The results will help you to target investment, identify talent requirements and develop the necessary operational capabilities needed to make the most of your competitive potential.

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