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This year's 20th Anniversary issue of PwC's Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey gathered insights and perspectives on critical aspects of the challenges confronting participants across all segments of global wealth management. 200 firms from 51 countries participated in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin. Their combined responses yield a fascinating self portrait of global wealth management both now and into the coming years.

This broad approach has provided us with a substantial range of insights from private banks, wealth managers, family offices, trust companies, insurance firms, asset servicers, private client groups at broker-dealers, universal banks, and other service providers. As in prior years, we also surveyed a number of wealthy individuals and families worldwide and captured their observations. Our multi-disciplinary, structured approach to analysing the complex respondent data enabled PwC to develop a non-linear perspective and look at wealth management from business executives’ perspective. This encompassed far more than just analysing data and involved reflecting on the very nature of change and its characteristics and consequences for the wealth marketplace. We tried to provide the thinking that a busy executive needs to chart the course of their business.

Each survey builds on our prior work which gives us a unique year-on-year perspective across a common set of indices. This is enhanced with a substantial refresh and revision process which helps us update our approach, refine content and capture nuances in the market and evolution of the private banking and wealth management space.

PwC's specialist, industry-leading International Survey Unit (ISU) led the design, development and administration of the questions and the analysis of the data. All data and analysis is governed by the Code of Market Practice and is kept strictly confidential. We do not reveal the identify of our participants. This year we also interviewed senior level executives all around the globe to capture their personal opinions on key issues and trends facing their businesses. We are appreciative to these executives for their time and support of our Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey.

PwC’s 2013 Global Private Banking and Wealth Management Survey, as in years past, reflects the changing industry landscape and adds our own point of view to provide the global wealth management community with an independent framework, to guide further analysis and thought around how to evolve business today to better serve the needs of clients tomorrow.

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