Global entertainment & media outlook 2017-2021

PwC's global entertainment and media outlook 2017-2021 offers insights on trends and consumer, advertising spend data by segment and territory.

A strategist’s guide to artificial intelligence

As the conceptual side of computer science becomes practical and relevant to business, companies must decide what type of AI role they should play. By Anand Rao

AI is already entertaining you

How technology endowed with creative intelligence changes the way companies generate and distribute content.

Media's Data-Driven Future

Shelly Palmer, one of the world's leading digital-technology commentators, talks about the industry's evolution — and the future of media jobs.

Israeli entertainment and media outlook 2016–2020

Here you will find a review of the major trends in the Global and Israeli entertainment and media industry from both an advertising and consumer perspective along with our predictions for the next 5 years.

Entertainment & Media industry: 20th CEO Survey

Over the past two decades Entertainment and media (E&M) CEOs have witnessed tremendous transformation – primarily driven by globalisation and technological evolution.

Software greases the wheels

From products to services: a survival guide for Technology, Media, and Telecommunications companies

Surging high-speed Internet access, more devices and more content combine to drive media consumption upwards

This article explores how a combination of rising Internet access and ongoing rapid roll-out of connected devices is expected to reshape the global entertainment & media industry over the next five years.

Will the fragmented global picture start to coalesce?

This article explores how the global TV and video industry has been transformed by the rise of digital distribution, changing the market and competitive dynamics virtually beyond recognition.

Spanish Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016-2020

The latest edition of the Spanish Outlook is a great online source for extensive analysis of consumer spending in the entertainment and media space in Spain.

German Entertainment and Media Outlook 2016-2020

Spanning across twelve industry segments, the German Outlook is especially meaningful to clients who are already doing business within the E&M space in Germany or who are planning an entry into this market.

Dutch Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016-2020

Dutch Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016-2020 is a great online source for extensive analysis of consumer spending in the advertising, entertainment and media sector in the Netherlands.

Swiss Entertainment and Media Outlook 2016-2020

The Swiss Entertainment and Media Outlook presents 5-year annual historical data and forecasts for the next five years across eleven industry segments, plus an annually adapted deep-dive into a hot topic and a special focus report on current media trends.

Consumer Intelligence Series: Hispanic consumers

Always connected: US-based Hispanic consumers dominate mobile, entertainment, and beyond

Entertainment and media Outlook South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya: 2016-2020

This report is an in-depth analysis of the trends shaping the entertainment and media industry in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya and explores shifts in spending across 11 segments.

Entertainment and media Outlook France: 2016-2020 (In French)

The 2nd edition of the French entertainment and media Outlook: 2016-2020 provides in-depth analysis and winning strategies for 4 segments: TV and video, Digital advertising, Video games, and Music.

Entertainment and media Outlook Poland: 2016-2020 (In Polish)

This report includes an in-depth analysis of five key areas: television advertising, online advertising and newspapers, television and video content. It also focuses on strategies for growing companies' businesses in foreign markets.

Entertainment and media Outlook Italy: 2016-2020

This publication shows in-depth analysis for 13 relevant segments in the Italian E&M market. Each segment covers a 10-year period, providing historical data as well as PwC’s forecast for the next 5 years.

Entertainment and Media Outlook Russia: 2016-2020 (In Russian)

The Russian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016-2020 focuses on key trends in the ever evolving Russian media market.

Tech breakthroughs megatrend

This paper examines the essential eight technologies that matter and what business leaders now need to do about them, and emerging technologies in general.

Consumer Intelligence Series: Work-life 3.0: Understanding how we'll work next

This report focuses on the changing workforce dynamics and examines how employers can best manage and optimize the workforce for success.

The Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016-2020

The Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook 2016-2020 highlights growth through diversity with a focus on talent, geography and business models.

The rise of cross-border news

This independent PwC study, commissioned by RT, explores the evolving trends in cross-border news, the drivers of these trends, and assesses what the future might hold.

The burgeoning evolution of eSports: From the fringes to front and center

Although organized video gaming is as old as video games themselves, today’s massive gaming community is a global phenomenon—and it just keeps growing.

Israeli Entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019

Israeli Entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019

German Entertainment and Media Outlook 2015-2019

In this annually published study, we analyze the key trends of the German entertainment and media market and give forecasts for twelve segments: Internet access, online advertising, film, TV, video games, music market, radio, newspapers, magazines, book market and OOH advertising. For the first time, we have added sport with the perspective of the entertainment and media industry as a new segment this year.

Entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019 for South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya is now available here

Digital fuels growth in Africa’s entertainment & media industry with the lines between traditional media and digital media blurring and consumers wanting more flexibility and freedom in how they consume content.From filmed entertainment to magazine publishing, we uncover how shifts in spending are likely to shape the future of 11 entertainment and media industry segments over the next five years in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

Entertainment & Media Outlook France 2015-2019

Cette publication, basée sur la 16ème édition de notre étude annuelle mondiale, Global Entertainment Media Outlook, présente une analyse détaillée des perspectives des 13 segments qui composent l’industrie des Médias et Loisirs en France pour la période 2015 – 2019.

Entertainment and Media Outlook Sweden 2015

Det blir allt tydligare att konsumenterna inte ser någon signifikant klyfta mellan digitala och traditionella medier.

The business of creativity

Creativity is one of the UK’s core strengths and is a defining characteristic of our nation. UK music, television, film, games, fashion, publishing, theatre, art, design, advertising and architecture is celebrated around the world.

What kids want: Media-savvy kids, teens want engaging stories on multiple devices

Who’s in charge? We talked to today’s “always on” kids and their parents and got an earful about the media consumption habits of America’s youngest demographic.

Reshaping Europe’s media landscape: Pinpointing the drivers of media M&A

Analysing M&A deals across the European entertainment and media industry in 2014.

Videoquake 3.0: The evolution of TV's revolution

Customizing content and marketing it effectively is becoming increasingly difficult for video content suppliers in a crowded market. The battle for viewers is on.

Videoquake 2.0: Feeling the effects of the videoquake and changes in how we consume video content

The future has arrived: Alternative forms of video content will continue to change not only what we watch, but also how, where, and with whom.

Swiss entertainment and media Outlook 2015-2019

The Swiss Entertainment and Media Outlook presents 5-year annual historical data and forecasts for the next five years across eleven industry segments, plus an annually adapted deep-dive into a hot topic and a special focus report on current media trends.

Revenue recognition: Principal and agent arrangements

Key IFRS accounting considerations for principal and agent arrangements for media companies.

Revenue recognition: Payments to customers

Key IFRS accounting considerations for payments by media companies to their customers

Content development and cost capitalisation by media companies

This paper explores the critical considerations relating to the classification, capitalisation and amortisation of content development spend, which present challenges such as which IFRS standard to apply; when to start and stop capitalising costs; which costs to capitalise; and how to amortise them.

Entertainment and Media Outlook in Italy 2015-2019

Il rapporto di PwC "E&M Outlook in Italy 2015-2019" descrive i trend relativi a undici segmenti del mercato dei media e dell’intrattenimento italiano.

How multichannel cuts further into terrestrial’s lead with shift in demand

This article explores how in today’s diverse and fast-evolving global media landscape, TV advertising stands tall as a segment that has been expected to implode frequently – but always remains resilient and continues to evolve.

Transitioning from a print past to a digital future

Digital disruption is raising fundamental questions for the magazine and newspaper industries. This article highlights how economic shifts and competitive forces are triggering new strategies and wide divergences between markets.

Music and Radio forge distinct paths to growth in a blurred digital world

While the Music and Radio sectors have converged in some respects, this doesn’t mean that digital music and radio are competing with one another aggressively. This article examines the unique strengths of these sectors and how they are impacting trends within the E&M landscape.

Global growth for Internet advertising masks market shifts

This article explores the growth of Internet advertising, which is being driven by consumer demand for Internet access and the increased availability of high-speed mobile connection, and some of the key challenges for the future.

China challenges the US for global box office leadership

This article explores the shift in the global cinema market’s balance of economic power –reflecting a dynamic, multi-shifting landscape where globalisation and localisation coexist.