By 2021, US online radio advertising revenue will account for more than one-tenth of the global online radio advertising revenue

Radio advertising is the largest revenue source, accounting for 81% of total radio revenue in 2016. In the US alone, online radio advertising will see revenue increase from US$1.4bn in 2016 to US$2.0bn in 2021 at an 8.6% CAGR, compared to a relatively flat 0.4% CAGR for traditional broadcast advertising over the same period.

Number of cars being fitted with digital radios in Europe could encourage digital audio broadcasting (DAB)

The adoption of digital radio is gaining some traction in a handful of Western European countries with an increase in the number of cars being fitted with digital radios. Outside Europe, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Brunei Israel, South Africa, and Tunisia have declared real interest in trialling the technology.

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