The future of distributed generation - PwC P&U roundtable discussion paper

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Distributed generation is a fast growing feature of modern electricity systems. But the complexities – technological, regulatory, commercial and financial – of integrating renewables and distributed generation into the grid are immense. The implications for utility companies and policy-makers alike are considerable.

Senior executives and experts from 16 countries and four continents gathered for PwC’s roundtable on the regulatory, commercial and technological challenges barriers to implementing distributed generation.

"What are the drivers behind this rise of distributed generation?" Weero Koster, Partner Energy, Sustainablity & Climate Change, Aeolion (left) and Steve Hunter, Senior Project Developer and PPA Leader (2nd fr. r.) with Mark Coughlin (2nd fr. l.), Global Leader, Market Design (PwC Australia) and David Etheridge (l.), Global Leader, Power & Utilities Advisory (PwC US) at the PwC Power & Utilities Client Roundtable © 2018.

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The growth of renewables - Viewpoints of key speakers on the regulatory, technological and the financing challenges of renewables.


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The future of energy storage - Hear the discussion of key speakers regarding the different roles storage can play in the energy system

Key issues

We take a deep dive into the main talking points arising from the discussion about reinventing utility companies in a new digital world.

Meeting the challenges of distributed energy resources

Global distributed energy (DER) capacity is growing rapidly. With that growth comes the considerable challenge of shifting centralised grid systems designed for one-way flows to a grid network that has to manage multi-directional flows and a proliferation of energy sources, many with a high degree of intermittency.

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Developments in PPA-based distributed generation

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) with utilities have been a staple of financing in many markets for some time. Now corporate buyers are joining the market as they weigh up the attractiveness of distributed generation. PPAs are a key plank in financing the expansion of distributed generation.

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Transformation and the growth of storage in energy

Innovations in power-sector technology, such as battery storage, grid automation and smartphone-linked energy saving and control devices, are advancing at a pace that has surprised developers and adopters alike. Technological innovation will be key to the transformation of grids into platforms that are able to successfully host, manage and integrate a plethora of distributed energy resources.

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Go straight to the heart of the discussion with leading players delivering the new era of distributed energy.

Technology investment risk

Could today’s investments prove short-lived?

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Implications of distribution networks as platforms

What does it mean for distribution owner and system operator roles?

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