Innovation Partnership of World Energy Council (WEC) and PwC

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Innovation Partnership of World Energy Council (WEC) and PwC

An executive summary has been launched by WEC and PwC at the World Energy Week in Lisbon, Portugal. The paper analyzes the development of blockchain in the energy sector. Folker Trepte, Partner, PwC Germany led the debate on the future impact of blockchain technology on the energy sector. 

Blockchain: What is it and what is the potential for the energy sector? A new word is being talked about in boardrooms and ministries around the world, but do we really understand the potential of this disruptive technology? What are blockchain’s opportunities and risks in the energy sector? What are the latest updates on pilots, use cases and scalability? What are the regulatory obstacles associated with the implementation of blockchain applications and what are the issues to be addressed? How will blockchain impact company and state value chain infrastructure related to the energy sector?

Key messages of the white paper are:

  • 67% of the interviewees think that unclear regulatory protocols are the most important barriers to the further development of blockchain in the energy sector.
  • 53% say that blockchain will bring new cybersecurity risks
  • 100% are convinced that blockchain will be able to disrupt the functioning of the industry and contribute toward accelerating the speed of the energy transition.
  • 92% think that blockchain technology will start making the most disruptive impact within the next 5 years.
  • 64% of the participants exchange views on the use of blockchain with other industries. Cooperation and consortium.
  • 86% have thought about partnerships with start-ups.
  • Folker Trepte, Partner, PwC Germany
  • Ewald Hesse, Vice President, Energy Web Foundation, Austria
  • Urban Keussen, CEO, TenneT TSO, Germany
  • Brigtta Resvik, Vice President Corporate Relations, Fortum, Sweden
  • Nuno Silva, Director, EFACEC, Portugal
  • Antonio Vidigal, Head of Innovation, EDP Portugal
  • Klemen Potisek, State Secretary for Energy, Slovenia

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