Billing environments, customer management systems, operational support systems, enterprise resource planning platforms, core communication networks, enterprise IP networks—and the technology people themselves—remain at the heart of the communications industry.

Technology continues to be one of the most significant areas for capital investment for communications companies. Unfortunately, getting the capital investment right and delivering tangible business benefits are major challenges. Also, companies need a low-cost back office as well as network and operational support systems flexible enough for the converged 'multi-play' future.

The pressure is on for the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and/or the Chief Information Officer (CIO) - today's communications organisations need a low cost back office and network and operational support systems flexible enough for the converged 'multi-play' future.

How PwC can help

Amidst maturing and near-saturated markets, slower revenue growth and cutthroat cost competition, the approach to change leadership that served the communications industry so well in the past no longer fits its purpose. Rather than leading projects in a technical and highly directive manner, operators now need to shift the balance toward a more inclusive, consultative and adaptive change leadership approach, one better suited to today’s less certain and more cost-conscious environment.

Our people are currently working on challenges such as:

  • Implementing complex programme management and an independent governance office
  • Adopting technology solutions for managing suppliers and the full sourcing process
  • Outsourcing information technology and transforming sourcing into a core strategic function
  • Delivering and embedding technology and information security
  • Consolidating and transforming billing systems
  • Applying technology to support revenue assurance
  • Analysing the effectiveness of technology investment
  • Employing technology to realise unseen quality and benefits
  • Developing technology people (including building an organisation capable of retaining them)
PwC can help your company both lead internal change and facilitate the shift to a more strategic use of technology throughout the organisation.