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Growing telecom revenues – what’s next?

With a global circulation of over 13,000, PwC's quarterly journal for communications executives is regarded as a "must-read". Communications Review showcases some of the best global practices and leading-edge thinking regarding management and financial issues in the communications industry. Articles are authored by partners in PwC's communications industry practice.

According to industry estimates, 2012 will be the year when household broadband revenues, globally, finally overtake household voice revenues. Perhaps more important in 2012, the number of 4G LTE mobile spectrum auctions, pilots and rollouts around the world will accelerate. And the industry’s revenue no longer will grow because of fixed connectivity, but through an expanding array of mobile-broadband-based services. Against this background, the theme we’ve chosen for this edition is both timely and relevant:
‘Growing telecom revenues – what's next?'.

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