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Communications operators are among the most data-rich of all businesses, with opportunities to capture and store a vast array of potentially valuable customer data. Yet to date they have not capitalised on their “big data” assets as fully as they could. The underlying reason lies in the difficulty of turning an operator’s diverse mass of data into useful insight – a task that depends critically on having data that’s trustworthy, timely, and of consistently high quality. To achieve these attributes, operators need to build a data quality competency – a dedicated, specialised organisation responsible for maintaining, safeguarding and ensuring the quality of data across and beyond the enterprise. In a world where business decisions are increasingly dependent on data, building such a competency is critical. In this article, we examine the practical steps that operators can take to get their data fit for purpose.

In the July issue of Communications Review, we present, ‘Building a data quality competency in today’s digitised communications operator: not an option – but a business imperative. In the article, we look at how you can invest in data quality to help your business thrive.

I hope you enjoy the article and encourage you to check back each month for the latest issue of Communications Review.


Thomas Tandetzki
Global Communications Leader

Communications Review - Building a data quality competency

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Building a data quality competency in today’s digitised communications operator: not an option – but a business imperative.

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