Network life-cycle management

Network performance issues are confronting operators in every market. Growth in recent years has come largely in the form of subscribers benefitting from easier access to mobile telephony, the cheaper cost of calls and the lower, overall, up-front investment in devices.

But with 3G networks deployed widely in developed and emerging markets, the next wave of growth will come from data consumption through a multitude of devices like smartphones and tablets. For operators, "cleaning house" i.e., fixing their current network performance issues – is imperative before they embark on upgrading the network to 3G or 4G technologies.

How PwC can help

PwC’s approach to assessing the network and planning improvement combines technical know-how with identifying the organisational root causes behind operational weaknesses. The emphasis on fixing the root causes of network issues rather than its symptoms makes the solutions more sustainable.

Our approach focuses resources on the most impactful set of issues rather than saddling the organisation with multiple incoherent initiatives; and it justifies financially and identifies the immediate benefits to customers of every initiative.