Customer excellence

In many markets today, saturation levels of penetration have been reached for products – such as mobile and broadband - that have previously powered top line growth. And so the competitive battleground has shifted from acquisition to retention of customers and from traditional services such as access, voice, and text to up selling wireless broadband services, value added services (VAS) and video services. The importance of having happy, loyal customers has never been greater. But today’s customers are more demanding than ever before. As a result, meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations in a consistent, sustainable and profitable way is a major and growing challenge across the industry.

In PwC’s view, customers have become more demanding in five ways. Specifically, they:

  • Expect more: their expectations are shaped by experiences outside the communications industry, where interactions, content and features may be much richer and more compelling.
  • Trust their peers: traditional brand loyalty has been replaced by peer conversations and other social media interactions. Operators who fail to participate in these customer conversations risk being sidelined.
  • Are better-informed: ready access to research and data means customers will quickly spot any efforts to mislead them, and can compare pricing and products easily with those of competitors. So durable, trusting relationships depend critically on transparency and authenticity.
  • Have choices: factors including undifferentiated products and services, lack of loyalty, easy access to alternatives and low barriers to defection all require extra effort to retain customers.
  • Have a voice: channels and media over which customers can communicate experiences with an operator’s brand - whether good or bad - are ubiquitous and free, and customers are not shy about voicing their views and experiences.

Given these customer characteristics, operators need new approaches to create and retain loyal customers who are strong advocates for their brand. To do this, operators must truly understand what their customers need and expect; how they as organisations interact with their customers; and the feelings and actions that each of these interactions drives in customers themselves.

PwC can help

PwC can help operator clients achieve customer excellence by leveraging frameworks that analyse the customer’s experience at different “need states” across the customer journey, and ensure that all improvement initiatives are designed and prioritised to meet customers’ real needs. Our customer excellence services help operators to simultaneously improve the customer experience, reduce costs and create real value.