Social Selling: A Digital Blueprint for the Automobile Industry

The automotive industry is amidst an era of marketing disruption. Traditional advertising models and budgets are withering and chief marketing officers are working to find the right mix of marketing among multiple social and digital platforms inside and outside of their control. Among those platforms are growing ranks of brand advocates and detractors who have a growing influence on purchase decisions as they share their purchase and ownership experiences through text, photo and video postings on their personal networks.


It is our pleasure to provide you with “Social Selling: A Digital Blueprint for the Automobile Industry”, PwC's overview on the digital consumer experience through the social media ecosystem. This report provides an overview on leveraging digital ecosystems that make it easy for customers, dealers, suppliers and prospects to discover connect and share their experiences with the brand, eventually influencing transactions. Specifically:

  • The third era: infinite communications
  • Buyers exposed to influences and disruptors via social media during every stage of purchase
  • Social selling in digital ecosystem
  • Loyalty and advocacy : Good vs. bad conversation affect brand preferences and purchasing experience
  • Conversations are happening – what happens to automakers if they do nothing?
  • Listening to the analytics and using them
  • Transforming organization for digital readiness

Social selling is emerging as a mainstream method of purchasing in the automotive industry. Digital ecosystems require adaptive organizational design to meet the needs of fast changing technology and user expectations.