North American Automotive Supplier Supply Chain Performance Study

Given the enormous upheaval in the automotive industry during the last couple of years, North American automotive suppliers are finding themselves in a welcome position − potentially poised for growth and profitability in an industry reshaped by restructuring, and where automotive production is expected to soar to more than 100 million units by 2017. While the future looks bright, automotive suppliers also face key challenges, and improvements in certain areas could bolster their standings.

This study focuses on how automotive suppliers achieve supply chain efficiency and effectiveness through current planning, sourcing, and delivery capabilities. The study analyses overall supplier performance, across each segment, and within each segment, including:

  • Overall efficiency vs. effectiveness mapping
  • Segment level scorecards and key themes identified
  • Cross-segment comparison for each metric
  • Leaders/Laggards by metric within each segment

This latest edition of the North American Automotive Supplier Supply Chain Performance Study is only an introduction to our insights and observations. As you consider ways to better optimize your supply chain, our team of automotive experts can help provide you with one or more of the following:

  • Provide a detailed report of the findings
  • Highlight company specific areas of improvement
  • Define leading practices and emerging trends within the automotive industry
  • Develop roadmaps to improve supply chain efficiency and effectiveness