Automotive M&A Insights: Driving Value — A review of mergers and acquisition activity in the global automotive industry.

Automotive Deals Stall in 2012 Compared to 2011.
Growth is on the horizon. 

The 2012 Automotive M&A Insights is a review of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity and key trends of the global automotive industry. The report provides a review of automotive deal activity among vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and vehicle financiers and other related sectors. Learn more about the key trends that impacted the deal market in 2012 and what's ahead in 2013 and beyond.

This version includes:

  • A review of 2012 automotive deal activity among vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, vehicle financiers, and other related sectors.
  • Key trends that impacted the deal market include: the uncertainty of the outcome of the presidential election, the fiscal cliff scenario in the US, the slowdown in economic growth and transition power in China, and the Europe sovereign debt crisis.
  • A look at the transaction activity by sector and region.
  • Outlook of automotive M&A activity for 2013 and beyond continues to be constrained by the significant challenges in the global macro-economic environment. However, PwC observes signs of growth on the horizon. Key factors contributing to potential growth are high levels of liquidity, strategic initiatives to expand business and technology capabilities, resolution of the Europe Union sovereign debt crisis, strong economic recovery and resumption of economic growth trends in China and India.