2014 European Shareholder Value Awards

The PwC European Automotive Shareholder Value Index (SVI) has become accepted as the standard measure of relative shareholder value in the automotive industry.

Much of the SVI's success lies in its simplicity.  It looks at the value of €100 invested in a stock over one- and three-year periods, and compares relative returns generated by different companies and industry segments.

The SVI takes into account rise and falls in a company's share price, dividends, share buy backs and new share issues.  The result is an objective and reliable measure of shareholder value for stock market-listed automotive companies.

The European Automotive Shareholder Value Awards are presented annually at the Automotive News Europe Congress and recognize the highest total shareholder return for European Vehicle Manufacturers, Parts Suppliers and Retail Distributors over one-year period ended 31 March, 2014.

Returns are adjusted to take into account currency movements so that all returns are expressed in Euros.


2014 European Automotive Shareholder Value Award Winners:

Award Category Performance Period Company H.Q. Return PwC Shareholder Value Index
European vehicle manufacturers One-year Fiat S.p.A. Italy 103.62% 50.36%
European vehicle manufacturers Three-year Renault SA France 95.05% 59.25%
European automotive suppliers One-year Montupet SA France 418.17% 75.29%
European automotive suppliers Three-year Montupet SA France 762.84% 119.06%
European automotive retailers One-year HR Owen Plc UK 132.35% 45.50%
European automotive retailers Three-year Lookers Plc UK 161.57% 126.52%