Building agility, scalability and resiliency

Today’s unpredictable conditions demand a resilient strategy that can adapt to uncertainty and change. And while every society in every time period faces change, it is happening at an accelerating rate today. One indication of this is the length of time it takes for a new technology to be adopted and the profound shifts we are seeing in consumer spending and behaviour. The accelerating rate of change underpins a large number of global developments that are forcing companies to adopt strong capabilities for risk-resilience.

Challenge and opportunity

True enterprise resilience is about having the ability and agility to survive, proactively adapt and evolve over a sustained period of time, not just in response to a crisis. Enterprise resilience isn’t just about surviving in the present; it’s about having the foresight, capability and agility to adapt and evolve, to identify and take advantage of opportunities as well as address challenges, and to thrive as well as survive.

How PwC can help

We can help you to:

  • Enhance your use of big data and big modelling to better understand the changing needs of consumer segments.
  • Shift your business model from being product/service-centric to client-centric.
  • Engage with consumers across multiple channels to increase customer loyalty and nurture trust.
  • Make supply chains flexible enough to deliver to different segments in different ways and different geographies.
  • Remove unnecessary complexity from your value chain.
  • Tailor market entry and consumer targeting strategies for emerging markets.
  • Know the political, economical, social, technological, legal, fraud, corruption and cultural risks for each market before going in.
  • Earn and protect your licence to operate in far-reaching markets by investing in the local communities there.
  • Embed assurance into your contracts.
  • Exercise control and work to build trust between stakeholders.

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