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Philippe Pierre

Philippe Pierre

Global International Development Leader, Partner, PwC Luxembourg

Philippe Pierre is a Consulting Partner at PwC with an international experience over the past 20 years in several industries in Europe, the US and the Middle East. He is an Engineer and hold a Masters in Engineering Science from Penn State University in the US.

Philippe is the Global Lead Partner within PwC for the European Union Institutions and Managing Partner of PwC EU Services, the legal entity dedicated to providing services to the European Union Institutions worldwide.

His expertise is in Modernisation of public services and Policy reforms (Strategy, Innovation, Procurement, IT Strategy and Systems, Processes, Organisation and Governance). He has delivered services to public sector clients such as the European Commission, European Parliament, European Investment Bank, European Council, European Court of Auditors, European Court of Justice as well as several EU Agencies across Europe.

Philippe has also provided services to other International Government clients such as NATO and UNDP (International Development Assistance in the Middle East and Africa) as well as Central Government clients with the following Ministries: Finance, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Social Security, Healthcare, ICT, Infrastructure, Civil Servant.