Norbert Schwieters

Norbert Schwieters

Global Leader, Energy, Utilities and Resources, Partner, PwC Germany

Summary of expertise

  • Education: Norbert holds a degree in Economics (1983) and received a doctorate in Economics in 1989. He was qualified as German Tax Advisor (1992) and as German Certified Public Accountant (1994).
  • Specific industry competencies: Energy, power & utilities, advice to power & utilities companies on financial performance and reporting, including value and sustainability reporting, acquisitions and due diligence, investments and divestments, compliance, risk management and controls.

Dr. Norbert Schwieters, based in Dusseldorf/Germany, is the Global Power & Utilities leader for PwC's worldwide operations. Norbert has more than 24 years of experience with PwC, half of that time focused solely on power and utilities industry. He has extensive experience in working for a variety of clients within the power & utilities sector.

He is involved in providing professional services relating to general industry and operational issues, risk management, audit, acquisitions and due diligence projects. Norbert has extensively advised clients on accounting and reporting, valuations, divestments, corporate governance, compliance, value reporting and sustainability.

Norbert is PwC representative at the World Energy Council, Energy Council of Wirtschaftsrat Deutschland and Deutsches Nationales Komitee des Weltenergierates DNK).

He leads PwC's Global Consumer and Industrial Products & Services group and is the leader of the Energy industry team in Germany.