Malcolm Preston

Partner, Global Sustainability Leader, PwC UK

Malcolm Preston is the Global Sustainability Leader at PwC leading a 700 strong team of sustainability and climate change experts.

Malcolm is an “expert generalist” on numerous sustainability issues, but has a particular interest in how companies measure and manage the total impact of their operations in a more holistic manner. By valuing social, environmental, tax and economic impacts, he believes business leaders will have more insight to compare the overall impact of their strategies and investment choices and so be able to manage/optimise the trade-offs – a new system for a managing business.

Sustainability is not an issue that can be managed in isolation. Malcolm focusses on ensuring sustainability considerations are embedded through all PwC’s services including reporting and assurance; complying with regulation and taxes; mitigation of and adapting to climate change; international development; investment decisions; and supply chain resilience. It also plays a critical role in the trust, transparency and reputation agendas. Malcolm spends most of his time engaging with the C suite on these issues. He is an accomplished speaker, most recently speaking at the United Nations MDG Innovation Forum hosted by Ban Ki Moon, and at the NY Stock Exchange to launch the 2013 CDP report.

A graduate in Oceanography, Malcolm joined Coopers & Lybrand and qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1986. After spells working in the US, Australia and Zambia, he became a Partner in 1996. During his career he has advised large multinationals, entrepreneurial start-ups and led the e-business team in the early 2000’s. He has led the Sustainability & Climate Change team since 2008.

Malcolm was born to travel, not so much to see the sights, but to meet the people and learn about the culture. He has driven across every continent in the world – except Antarctica. His mantra is twofold – (1) never fly over somewhere if you have the time to do it by land, and (2) leave the places you visit as you find them.