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Kristin  Rivera

Kristin Rivera

Global Forensics Leader, PwC United States

Kristin Rivera serves as PwC’s Global Forensics Leader, overseeing a practice of more than 3,500 professionals operating in 70+ countries. She also leads PwC's Global Crisis Centre, which helps companies and business leaders around the globe prepare for crisis, respond, and emerge stronger. 

Kristin hosts the PwC podcast "Emerge stronger through disruption," conversations with global colleagues about the challenges and opportunities facing today's business leaders.

Kristin has been involved in more than 1,000 investigations around the globe; there are few circumstances she hasn't encountered. She brings that experience and insight to the table to guide corporate gatekeepers including executives, board members and auditors as they respond to business inflection points. She believes that when reasonable and intelligent individuals disagree, it is usually because they are operating under a different understanding of the facts. Kristin strives to eliminate these differences and bring consensus to the most contentious situations.

Applying years of experience investigating fraud and misconduct and responding to crises of all types, Kristin helps business leaders prepare for and emerge stronger from unplanned events. She is especially passionate about helping leaders transform their compliance organisations by designing and implementing innovative compliance solutions and fraud-prevention programs.

In her work and personal life, Kristin is dedicated to studying human behavior. She seeks to understand what motivates people, how they rationalise their behavior, and how to create environments that allow people to operate ethically and transparently — even in the most stressful situations.

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