Dr. Andrew  Nevin

Dr. Andrew Nevin

Project Blue Global Leader, PwC Nigeria

Andrew S. Nevin is one of PwC’s leading global thinkers, working at the complex intersection of economics, strategy, and regulation. He has 30 years of professional experience as a strategy consultant, economist, line manager, failed entrepreneur and private equity investor, and in his professional career has lived in Asia, North America, and Europe. He has been based in Lagos, Nigeria since early 2012.

In Nigeria, Andrew plays a small role in trying to create a strong and vibrant economy and society in the world's most dynamic continent. As FS Advisory Leader, Andrew serves numerous Nigerian groups across a range of strategy, technology, operational, and regulatory issues. He also serves global companies looking at their options for entering and expanding in Nigeria and Africa."

As Chief Economist, he leads Nigeria's top economics group, which publishes the leading economic analysis in the country. The current focus is on helping Nigeria improve its business environment to increase investment and inclusive growth

He is a frequent TV commentator on the Nigerian economy and contributor to the print media. His media appearances and writings can be seen on his economics website – www.nevinomics.com.

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