Alastair Rimmer

Alastair Rimmer

Global Deals Strategy Leader, Partner, PwC United Kingdom

For strategy to be effective it requires the right level of insightful thinking, analytical capability and industry knowledge to make it executable. Alastair Rimmer, leader of Global Strategy Services, understands the multitude of challenges facing today's businesses and helps them plot a course to maximise their potential. Whether it's identifying opportunities to capture value in new markets and geographies, helping companies make tough choices or enacting fundamental changes to achieve market leadership, Alastair can help your business produce tangible and enduring results.

Alastair is a career strategy consultant with over 20 years of experience. He has advised senior executives at leading companies and Private Equity firms in the areas of business unit strategy, commercial due diligence, M&A strategy and operating model strategy. His experience includes industries such as media, manufacturing organisations, service businesses and infrastructure operations. In particular, Alastair has in-depth knowledge across all aspects of M&A transaction and integration strategy, carve-out/divestiture strategy and growth strategy planning. During his career, Alastair has worked on hundreds of transactions of all sizes.

If you have a business matter or would like to reach out to Alastair for advice, you may contact him by email or in his London office on +1 (646) 471 0131.

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