See the future

See the future
The old economic order is shifting. As the global economy recovers some emerging markets are likely to grow faster than traditional economic powers. At the industry level, these shifts are even more apparent with accelerating capital flows, fundamental demographic changes, and the rise of state capitalism reshaping the world map for many sectors.

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Global economic research
This report highlights the geographical locations that will host the largest clusters in five industries:
  • pharmaceuticals
  • automobile assembly
  • asset management
  • filmed entertainment
  • tertiary education

Future industry clusters

PwC’s Macro Consulting team has developed a tool to map future clusters across the world. In this report we highlight the geographical locations that are expected to host the world’s largest clusters by 2040 in several industries. Read the economic outlook

Video highlights

In this short video, Yael Selfin, Head of Macro consulting, outlines factors shaping new global industry clusters and where the new centres of activity are likely to develop.
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