Revenue growth

Communications companies are striving to manage expanding product offerings, diminishing competitive differentiation and increasingly powerful, demanding customers. The winners will be the companies that convince their customers to buy and keep more products and services, the ones that meet and exceed their customers’ expectations at every critical touch point.

The beauty of triple- and quadruple-play bundles lies in the implicit promise that consumers will be able to access virtually any kind of content, any time, anywhere, through any device. To succeed will require recording and billing of extremely high-volume, typically low-value transactions among operators, device manufacturers, software vendors, content providers and owners, and advertisers.

Operators are uniquely placed to develop, for the entire telecom ecosystem, the billing and service provisioning environment that can support meeting the industry’s promise to consumers. However, moving from current legacy billing and provisioning environments to this new world will be a major challenge. 

How PwC can help

Rapid change requires the adaptability to keep pace with the dynamics of the marketplace. PwC can help communications clients enhance financial performance and improve the bottom line by significantly reducing the costs associated with network access, provisioning, remediation, maintenance and service.

We also can support carriers in taking advantage of the opportunity presented by convergence - by building the strategy, organisation and performance management environment needed to grow revenues and leverage their existing investments in provisioning, billing and customer care.