Breaking the mold

Communications review: breaking the mold

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Volume 15, no. 1

Our latest edition of Communications Review has been published at a defining moment in the economic cycle, when many countries are showing signs of recovery but some markets are accelerating much more quickly out of the downturn than others are. For communications operators, this is the moment of truth when they demonstrate whether their platform for recovery provides a robust foundation for renewed growth.

Resuming growth will often mean changing the game: innovating in products, services, and operating models to seek out and secure new revenue streams, which will outgrow and ultimately replace legacy revenues. With this requirement in mind, the overarching theme we have chosen for this edition is “breaking the mold.” This means taking a hard look at how we do things. It means examining potential new ways to move forward in such mission-critical areas as innovating products and services, recruiting and managing talent, managing risk, and reconciling the regulatory and commercial issues surrounding Internet services.

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