Different shades of green? Industrial products climate change series

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PwC is pleased to launch a short thought leadership paper on the impact of the climate change agenda post Copenhagen and the business implications for our chemicals clients. Key findings indicate:

  • CEOs within industrial products are beginning to come to terms with some of the commercial risks arising from climate change, as well as some of the potential opportunities.
  • Key issues remain ensuring efficient compliance through hedging arrangements and undertaking internal process improvements where possible.
  • A pro-active approach is vital. Companies need to begin work on emissions inventories, data and systems.

This paper is accompanied by a chemicals sector supplement providing a background on the current state of the sector followed by an analysis of the top chemicals clients (according to the global Fortune 500 list) and how they are responding to climate change issues based on publically available information.

We found that many chemicals sector companies are already taking pro-active steps to reduce emissions and energy consumption. Improving technical processes in chemicals production and enhancing the use of renewable raw materials are two common strategies. While many chemical manufacturers are aggressively targeting their own carbon footprint, the majority also stress the role they can play to fight climate change through researching and developing product offerings which help their customers reduce their carbon footprint. Our research concludes that providing tools for customers to reduce their GHG emissions will be critical to these companies' future success.


Download the full report:
Different shades of green? The outlook for industrial products companies post-Copenhagen
Chemicals sector climate change responses