Interview with Yasuchika Hasegawa

President and Chief Executive OfficerTakeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd.

"It’s more useful to view things over the long-term; tough economic times will eventually be followed by a period of growth. My own view is that Asia and Africa are going to be key drivers of future global growth."

"The world fastest growing populations will be in Africa. And I needn’t remind you that, with the proper social conditions in place, population growth goes hand-in-hand with economic growth. As populations grow, economies tend to grow too - as long as there are sufficient resources to support the population growth."

"Takeda-ism is a management philosophy we’ve cultivated here in Japan ...At the core of Takeda-ism is an obligation to always act with integrity. Since integrity is a multifaceted idea, we break it down into three factors: fairness, honesty, and perseverance."

"Our core strategy revolves around the question of how we can go about finding and recruiting top talent from around the world and provide them with the kind of work environment that will maintain their interest and reinforce their morale."

"So it’s important to apply our resources selectively to areas where we can have the largest impact. Doing that requires a good deal of sensitivity and judgment. There is simply a limit to what one company can do by itself."

"After we decided that M&A was the best means of staying competitive, we targeted companies that could fill gaps in our product lines and R&D capabilities and set about acquiring the right companies. We also considered gaps in our geographical coverage."

"It is the same with respect to economic and political risk. Our hedge there is to diversify into as many markets as possible so that if a major adverse event occurs in one market, other markets can compensate. In short, having a diversified business portfolio is the best means of hedging risk."

"We do not have a single global CR programme. We leave CR activities to our individual businesses around the world. We expect each of our businesses to do whatever they consider necessary relative to other companies in their peer group."

"Success depends upon our capacity to innovate new products. Unfortunately, in my view, the pharmaceutical industry is hitting the wall in terms of product innovation."


1970, degree, Waseda University, Tokyo. Since 1970, with Takeda: 1993, President, TAP Pharmaceuticals, Chicago; 1995, President, TAP Holdings, Chicago. With Takeda Pharmaceutical: 1998, Corporate Officer and General Manager, Pharmaceutical International Division; since 1999, Member of the Board; 1999, General Manager, Pharmaceutical International Division; 2001, General Manager, Corporate Planning Department; 2002, General Manager, Corporate Strategy and Planning Department; since 2003, President. Since 2011, Chairman, Keizai Doyukai (Japan Association of Corporate Executives).
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