Interview with Sándor Csányi

Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerOTP Bank Plc.

"Globally, I clearly see that Europe and America will have a decreasing share in GDP, and economic growth will be more apparent in Eastern Asia and Africa."

"Agriculture has recently been neglected across the whole of Europe, with only the high-tech and innovative sectors acknowledged and expected to speed up growth. In my opinion, this global rearrangement may push traditional sectors, such as the agriculture or food industries, back into focus. "

"The healthcare sector will be another driver in coming years. ...the traditional Hungarian healthcare education system has all the assets required to train a high number of professionals who can remain competitive in this globally emerging sector."

"From the perspective of competitiveness, our biggest problem is that currently it is not clear whether America, Asia or Japan will adopt the European Basel III regulations. If they do not, the European banking sector could be at a competitive disadvantage in the fight for investors and clients."

"I prefer a management style based on openness and cooperation at every level; one that does not necessarily obey or respect hierarchy at all times. I believe in leadership that can stay flexible."

"Clearly, the most important stakeholders are our clients because, quite simply, without them we would be out of business. In fact, the banking sector across the whole region has much work to do in terms of unfulfilled commitments to clients."

"However, I think the amount of income the state withdraws from the economy may be an obstacle to economic growth. If there are no adequate returns, private capital will flow somewhere else where the returns are better."


Mr. Csányi has been Chairman and CEO of OTP Bank Plc since 1992. He is responsible for the Bank’s strategy and overall operation. Mr. Csányi is also a member of the European Board of Directors for MasterCard, one of the world’s leading payment card companies, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of MOL Plc, Co-Chairman of the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers (VOSZ), and member of the Board of Directors of the Hungarian Banking Association (until April 2011). He has also been Chairman of the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) since July 2010.

Mr Csányi graduated from the College of Finance and Accountancy with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences with a degree in economics.
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