What is top-of-mind for US CEOs for 2017?

PwC's 20th CEO Survey

How US CEOs plan to grow in 2017 and beyond 

US CEO confidence has picked up and CEOs around the world are pinning their hopes for growth on the US economy, according to the 2017 Global CEO Survey. At the same time, CEOs face a new policy environment as President Trump prioritizes US jobs and domestic investment. US CEOs identify the kinds of skills they’ll value as automation advances on the workforce, and see the need for a different policy engagement.


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What's on the minds of US CEOs for the year ahead?

U.S. business leaders are moving forward in 2017, driving revenue and profitability despite an uncertain political climate. Our blog series on Medium features opinions and insights on key topics facing businesses today such as trust, innovation, globalization, technology and gender equity. While U.S. business leaders are keeping an eye on the global economy, they also have another perspective. They see a Main Street unbowed by world economics. They may not see it as business as usual, but they very much still see it as business. 


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US priorities


Greater connectivity is reshaping the way we live and work, and CEOs know the trend will accelerate. From virtual healthcare visits to apps showing where to find a particular item in a grocery store, new technologies are creating unprecedented opportunities for companies to better understand and connect with customers. Yet CEOs know these binds can evaporate if trust is broken.

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Talent will help an organization distinguish itself from the competition. Organizations need people who can surmount big challenges and tackle complex issues. CEOs are looking for employees who are agile, curious, and can collaborate with others to achieve the greatest results. These skillsets are among the hardest to recruit.

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Innovation is key to keeping an organization’s offerings fresh, and disrupting an industry’s status quo. Innovation thrives at workplaces where employees are encouraged and empowered to be entrepreneurs, to take ownership of projects and are able to unleash their creativity.

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Globalization is here, and organizations, no matter the location, can instantly reach customers anywhere. For some companies, viability means looking beyond domestic markets and tapping long-term growth opportunities afforded by international expansion. Global businesses need leaders who are cross-culturally fluent, who can be as comfortable, confident and capable in far-flung locations as they are at home.

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Trust & Purpose

Successful companies are driven by a sense of purpose. Often connecting with customers at important points in their lives, businesses have the ability to positively affect human lives. Trust is about delivering high-quality products and services at the promised time and price. It begins internally -- the better job that companies do serving their employees, the better their employees will serve customers.

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Diversity isn’t just the right thing to do; it can transform companies with new approaches to creating products and services, and can help leaders better connect with customers, stakeholders, and employees. Diversity in the workplace means building an environment based on inclusivity, trust, compassion, and respect. It also means creating a workplace that offers pathways for advancement and career opportunities to all.

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Watch the replay of our Global CEO Survey launch in Davos

What's on the minds of nearly 1,400 CEOs from around the world? Watch the webcast again as Bob Moritz, PwC Global Chairman, launched the findings of PwC's 20th Global CEO Survey to the media in Davos on 16th January 2017. 

This annual survey of business leaders sheds light on the key opportunities and challenges facing business today and has become one of the media highlights on the opening day of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. 

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