Key findings from the Forest, Paper & Packaging industry

20th CEO Survey

Faith is in organic gr‎owth

94% FPP CEOs expect the bulk of growth to develop organically in the next year versus a global average of 79%. FPP CEOs reflect a change from earlier surveys when collaborations and new strategic alliances played a larger role in anticipated growth.

Confident, but carefully so

32% of FPP CEOs versus a global average of 38% said they were very confident in PwC’s 20th CEO Survey. Looking longer term over the upcoming three-year horizon, all CEOs, including FPP, are bullish on their companies— with a global average of 51% being very confident.

Managing man and machine

When rating areas of the business they most want to strengthen to capitalize on new opportunities, FPP CEOs count innovation nearly two times higher than the global average—42% versus 23%.

FPP CEOs rely heavily on the human element in the balance of man and machine in driving the future. However, the human factor presents a challenge: those same skills that drive innovation like adaptability, problem solving, creativity, leadership and collaboration also lead the list as hardest traits for which to recruit.

Gauging the trust challenge

Trust has been climbing steadily up the CEO agenda. And as our interactions become ever more automated, data driven and virtual, safeguarding stakeholder trust is increasingly dependent on digital factors.

On the global vs. national trade seesaw

In FPP, 61% of CEOs agree or agree strongly that it is becoming harder to balance competing in an open, global marketplace with trends toward more closed national policies.

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