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20th CEO Survey

We met with CEOs from around the world face to face to discuss their views on key issues


Thought leaders on the issues facing businesses today

In addition to interviewing CEOs from around the world we also spoke to 3 prominent Thought Leaders to get their views on key issues and trends.

Branko Milanovic, Visiting Presidential Professor and LIS Senior Scholar of The Graduate Center, City University of New York

‘...I believe that technological and other changes will create new needs and new jobs, but our imagination is limited to what we know exists and we cannot see what is coming.’

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Carlota Perez, Researcher, lecturer and international consultant, UK

‘We must realize that markets cannot, by themselves, solve the big social problems created by a technological revolution; government has to play a proactive role.’

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Ian Bremmer, President and founder, Eurasia Group, USA

‘There's more opportunity in the world than there was 20 years ago because there's more wealth. And with great technological advances comes great opportunity.’

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