Interview with Mark Wilson

Group CEO Aviva

We break our markets into three groups… We look at each of these differently and we have different strategies for each.

I think there are threats with current account deficits. The amount of money that is being printed globally at the moment is extraordinary... And when you have that sort of printing of money it creates stresses in the economic system either now or later.

Social unrest has a habit of derailing economic recovery, I think that's a real threat and I think it's something that we all need to be concerned about.

I think governments need to be bold. I think they need to be long-term. And, like us, they also need to leave a positive legacy.

We've got a regulatory tsunami of this group of regulators that's growing and growing... They're all trying to solve similar problems and in my view they're starting to fall over each other…

You've got to care like crazy for the customer, you have to care more. And throughout the organisation we're looking at how we do that.

As part of PwC's 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, we spoke with Mark Wilson, Group CEO of Aviva. In this short video, Mark talks about the next big thing and the importance of data for Aviva. He highlights that customer focus is key, and shares his views on the purpose of the company, and the role of the CEO in creating a legacy.

Mark Wilson has been Chief Executive of Aviva, the UK’s largest insurance group, since January 2013.

Aviva, which has a 300-year history, has 34 million customers and over £300 billion of funds under management. As well as its leading position in the UK, it operates in 17 countries across the world.

A New Zealander, Mark arrived at Aviva with over 25 years’ global experience of the insurance industry and a track record of turning around businesses and delivering shareholder value. Mark was chief executive officer and president of AIA Group, based in Hong Kong. He repositioned AIA into the leading pan-Asian insurance company, improved its market valuation and successfully navigated the company through the global financial crisis and prepared it for IPO. The company emerged as a stronger and significantly more valuable independent entity, leading to the largest IPO in corporate history.

Since he arrived at Aviva, Mark has set out a comprehensive strategy to turn around Aviva’s performance. He has set out an investment thesis of cashflow and growth, focusing the business on clear, simple financial metrics. In his first year, Mark has strengthened the senior management team and is leading a programme to reinvigorate Aviva’s culture, emphasising high performance and a relentless focus on serving Aviva’s customers even better.

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