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New Ventures: PwC Global Innovation Challenge 2020 Champion

Perform Plus


Transforming teamwork globally – one huddle at a time


Perform Plus turns employees' every day into an opportunity for superhero performance. By providing team members with advanced tools, it reinvents how they engage, excel and learn at work. The result? Organisations realise dramatic improvements in employee performance and teamwork – and create a workplace designed for a post-COVID world, where remote or hybrid working is more the rule than the exception. That’s why Perform Plus is a Global Innovation Challenge Champion.


Setting the scene

In just a few short months, the COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a transformation in the working practices of organisations globally, ushering in a world where hybrid working is commonplace. Navigating this shift can raise business-critical challenges around engaging digitally with the workforce and sustaining team dynamics. Perform Plus enables organisations in all sectors to tackle these challenges by empowering their people and teams to interact more regularly, collaborate more closely and keep learning every day. Built around PwC UK’s award-winning coaching methodology, the solution enables employers to build connected communities that share aligned goals, a common purpose and a sense of cohesiveness – whether working remotely or on-site.

Global innovation challenges

How we helped

Eight years ago, PwC UK created a ground-breaking coaching methodology called Perform – a twelve-week programme where our people work face-to-face with clients’ managers and teams to instil new habits and make them better at their jobs. With digitalisation advancing and remote working increasing exponentially, we wanted to scale up and escalate Perform to benefit more clients in more places around the world, with more capability. So in 2017 we set about innovating using cloud technology to take Perform to the next level.

Fast-forward to today, and the result is Perform Plus – a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that marries the hands-on Perform coaching programme with smart technology, greater data processing capacity and advanced analytics.

At the heart of Perform Plus is a digital huddle-board that enables people anywhere in the world to connect, engage and join – and which uses predictive analytics to keep the journey exciting. Peer-to-peer shout-outs build support networks within teams, while a performance dashboard uncovers the drivers behind the day-to-day numbers. This is all combined with a gamified personal dashboard featuring things like “top performer” and “goal strikes”, keeping people motivated in fun ways. 

The solution is backed by a diverse, multi-skilled PwC team of specialists in areas including operational excellence, data analytics, people change management, design and more, working and collaborating in South Africa, France, Canada, the US, the Middle East and Singapore to name but a few. Clients who sign up can develop a workplace environment that creates tightly connected, empowered workers and supports continuous learning in a highly engaging way.

You can find out more here.

Impact and potential

Perform Plus’s user base has doubled to 10,000 employees across almost 20 clients, ranging from financial services to technology to adult social care. In each case the solution has exceeded the client’s expectations, increasing employee productivity by over 20%. Perform Plus is already being used in the UK, France, South Africa, Canada and the US, with plans to roll out to many other countries. This speedy adoption means it’s scaling up rapidly as a SaaS offering across the PwC network.

Clients are delighted with Perform Plus for many reasons. UK-based software group Sage have been using Perform Plus for more than a year, switched to remote working in March this year.  “They may have been working from home, but there was still a tight connection within the team,” said Jon Cummins, VP of services and customer success at Sage. The huddles that formed the core of the platform were held virtually. “This meant that ideas could still be shared, and people could ask their colleagues how they were dealing with specific situations. It meant that a sense of isolation didn’t develop and permeate the business.” Cummins adds “Productivity increased for customer service teams over that time, [according to] the customer satisfaction measures we use, and we saw the mood of the vast majority of our people improve or remain at a strong level.”

With Perform Plus being recognised as a PwC Global Innovation Challenge Champion, what's next? Product Lead Nele Van Buggenhout explains: “Looking at the future of Perform Plus, we really want to explore the best of cloud technologies. So we are looking into machine learning and other artificial intelligence to build a smarter Perform Plus so it becomes a digital coach. Because that way we can actually drive transformational change at a bigger scale – one huddle at a time!”

You can find out more here.

“Perform Plus delivers profound improvements within our clients and their organisations, the data insights and trends we're able to access provides one of the best ways to drive business transformation.”

David PadwickEMEA Consulting COO at PwC UK
Vicki Huff Eckert

Vicki Huff Eckert

Global New Ventures & Innovation,
TMT Vice Chair, PwC United States

Tel: +1 408 817 4136

Nele Van Buggenhout

Nele Van Buggenhout

Perform Plus Product Lead, Director, PwC UK

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Vicki Huff Eckert

Vicki Huff Eckert

Global New Ventures & Innovation, TMT Vice Chair, PwC United States

Tel: +1 408 817 4136