Carol Stubbings

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Carol Stubbings

Tax & Legal

Prior to her appointment as Global Tax and Legal Services Leader on 1 July 2020, Carol served on the Global Tax and Legal Services Leadership team as PwC’s Global leader of the People and Organisation (P&O) practice for the past four years and has driven it’s growth. P&O brings together a combination of over 10,000 people in 138 countries with industry, technology, analytics, business, talent, strategy and HR expertise in one team, supported by a strong focus on and use of technology.  

Previously Carol led the Global Mobility practice within Tax, and has been the lead Tax Partner on some of PwC’s largest global clients. She has over 25 years experience of working with large multinational organisations, helping them deal with their most pressing strategic challenges.

Carol has also led PwC’s thinking around the Workforce of the Future. Her recent work includes advising clients on global transformation, talent and culture change programmes, and opportunities from market disruptors and innovations. Carol regularly talks and writes on these topics; particularly around the future of work, younger workers, and the role companies can play in shaping their own paths in an uncertain environment.

Carol lives in Hampshire, England with her husband Phil and has three children. In her spare time enjoys cooking, walking and travelling.


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