Impact on society

At PwC, we believe business has a key role to play in solving societal challenges, alongside other stakeholders.

The biggest impact we make comes from the work we do every day, helping clients navigate many of the complex systems – capital markets, taxation and economies – that underpin society. We help these systems function and clients to operate within them effectively.

We also believe we have a responsibility to support the evolution of these systems so that they benefit communities and society more widely. One of the ways in which we are doing this is through collaborating with the T20 (a network of think tanks that provides policy recommendations to the G20) and Global Solutions, a multistakeholder initiative. Together we are highlighting the need to create common purpose, bringing economies, business and society back into greater alignment. We contribute our business perspective to policy discussions on critical global issues. Through the Global Solutions Initiative, we also helped facilitate a Young Global Changers programme, which brought together 120 future leaders from around 80 countries.

Community investment

Our community investments are an important part of our efforts to build trust in society and solve important problems. By sharing PwC's greatest asset – the skills, knowledge and talent of our people – we focus on education, building the capacity of NGOs and supporting social and micro enterprises around the world.

We are pleased to share that in FY18 we set an ambitious new global target: to invest in the future and growth of 15 million people, NGOs and social and micro enterprises to help them maximize their potential by 2022

This ambition builds on many years of action by our member firms.

This year, more than 60,500 PwC people contributed over 850,000 hours – 619,920 of which were spent sharing their professional skills. As a result of this contribution, we reached 3.2million people, NGOs and social and micro enterprises towards our new 15 million goal.

Societal Impact Chart 1

We aim to reach 15 million people, NGOs and social and micro enterprises by 2022

Reach in FY18: 3,165,033

Reach in 2022: 15,000,000

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Community investment

Carbon footprint

Responsible business

As societies’ expectations shift, we seek to be responsive and responsible for the impact our work has on people and the planet.

We remain a proud signatory to the UN Global Compact and committed to operating responsibly in line with the ten principles and taking strategic action to advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We believe using resources efficiently is smart business. Our most significant environmental impact is the carbon emissions from powering our offices and air travel to service our clients.

Number of skilled and professional hours contributed  Arrow 13%

2017 - 549,236

Amount invested in the community  Arrow 23%

2017 - $149.4m

Number of people and organisations reached

Ambition: 15 million by 2022

Gross greenhouse gas emissions (tCO2e)  Arrow 4%

592,293 tCO2e
2017 - 618,845 tCO2e

Emissions per employee (tCO2e)  Arrow 7%

3.19 tCO2e
2017 - 3.42 tCO2e

Renewable energy (% of total electricity)  Arrow 9%

2017 - 55%

Unless stated otherwise, all corporate responsibility data reflects the performance of our Strategy Council firms.

This year, we are announcing a new global commitment. While driving efficiency to reduce our absolute carbon impact, we commit to offsetting air travel emissions from FY19 and to sourcing 100% renewables for our electricity consumption and offsetting residual energy use by FY22.

Across the network, PwC firms are taking innovative actions to reduce our absolute emissions. In FY18, while our business continued to grow, PwC’s gross emissions slightly decreased to 592,293 tCO2e. Over the last three years, our emissions per employee have reduced by 14% from 3.69 to 3.19 tCO2e.

This year 60% of electricity used by our Strategy Council firms came from renewable sources.

While our priority is reducing our absolute carbon impact, offsetting is an important part of our strategy to mitigate the impact of our unavoidable emissions. From FY19 onwards, we will be purchasing a range of carbon offsets to meet our new commitment. We have in place strict quality criteria that underpin our carbon offset purchasing and seek to drive multiple benefits from the projects we support.

Find out more about our approach to corporate responsibility and read stories about some of our CR activities around the world.



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