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In FY 2017, PwC’s global headcount grew 6% to 236,235 people. We saw the largest headcount increases in Asia (14%) and Central Eastern Europe (13%). PwC’s global presence remains strong with members firms in 158 countries, having offices in 736 locations.


PwC people by region



  FY17 FY16 Growth
Americas 70,982 70,883 0%
Asia 60,255 53,010 14%
Australasia and Pacific Islands 8,308 7,639 9%
Central and Eastern Europe 10,451 9,273 13%
Western Europe 72,265 69,627 4%
Middle East and Africa 13,974 13,036 7%
Total 236,235 223,468 6%

PwC people by service line

  FY17 FY16 FY15
Assurance 103,019 98,234 91,071
Advisory 58,817 54,430 51,434
Tax 46,904 44,948 41,450
Support staff 27,495 25,847 24,154
Total 236,235 223,468 208,109


PwC people and partners

  FY17 FY16 FY15
Partners 11,181 10,830 10,611
Client service staff 188,090 177,182 163,513
Practice support staff 36,964 35,456 33,985
Total 236,235 223,468 208,109

We invest in attracting talented people and offering them rewarding careers once they join. Globally, 59,252 people joined PwC firms around the world – including 28,238 graduates and 25,982 experienced professionals. This is testament to PwC's continued attractiveness as an employer of choice. 


New joiners

  FY17 FY16 FY15
Graduates 28,238 26,780 24,601
Experienced professionals 25,982 26,430 23,312
Support staff 5,032 4,871 5,136
Total 59,252 58,081 53,049


A top employer

Student surveys around the world confirm that PwC is one of the most attractive organisations for graduates.


PwC ranking in student surveys

  Rank in Big Four Rank among all employers
  FY17 FY16 FY17 FY16
2 2 5 5
Brazil 2 1 26 37
China 2 2 5 3
Germany 1 1 9 9
Nordic - 2 - 2
Pan-European - 1 - 5
Russia 2 1 17 19
Spain 2 2 26 23
Sweden 2 1 6 6
Switzerland 1 1 6 6
UK 1 1 1 1
US 3 3 13 11

Sources: Brazil (Universum Graduate Survey), China (Universum Graduate Survey), Germany (Trendence Survey), Global (Universum Graduate Survey), Nordic (Universum Graduate Survey), Pan-European (Trendence Survey), Russia (Universum Graduate Survey), Spain (Universum Graduate Survey), Sweden (Universum Graduate Survey), Switzerland (Universum Graduate Survey), United Kingdom (Times Top 100 Graduate Employers Survey, High Flyers), United States (Universum Graduate Survey).

Please note: Some results haven't been released yet.

International mobility

PwC's international mobility programme continues to be very extensive and the number of countries sending and/or receiving long-term assignees increased by 2%. Our strategy continues to evolve to support client needs, drive business growth and create opportunities for our people to develop their careers. PwC firms are increasingly adding different types of mobility to the programme, including short-term cross border commuting.

At 30 June 2017, 2,536 people were on long-term international assignments from 115 PwC firms around the world - similar to last year (2,588). Thirty six percent of them are women, considerably higher than the external average of 20% (Source: Talent mobility: 2020 and beyond, PwC 2012).

The total number of new international assignments decreased from 3,353 in FY16 to 2,740 in FY17, partly driven by geopolitical and economic events which resulted in fewer resourcing needs in some parts of the world.

“At PwC, we're creating environments that help our people grow and develop. Our international mobility programme is a great example of how we offer our people opportunities to work in different countries, learn about other cultures, increase their global acumen and gain valuable experiences.”

Agnès Hussherr PwC Global Human Capital Leader

People engagement

Every year, we survey our people to find out how they feel about working at PwC. This gives us the data we need to continually work on creating an even better working environment.

At 75%, our global people engagement score - while down slightly on the previous year (2016: 77%) - was still at an impressive level. This score refers to the level of motivation, commitment and involvement employees demonstrate as a result of key elements in their work environment such as level of leadership, respect, professional development, and inclusion.

Of the 178,928 people around the world who took the survey, the vast majority told us they are proud to work at PwC (82%) and would recommend PwC as a great place to work (72%). Seventy eight percent said they work on challenging assignments that contribute to their development. And 80% said the people they work for demonstrate high standards of ethical conduct. All very positive results.

But of course, there is always more we can do, and work life balance in particular continues to be an area we're working on. The percentage of people who said their leaders are considerate of their life outside work was down a touch at 65% (2016: 66%). On the up side – in response to a new question added to the survey this year – 78% said they feel trusted by the people they work for to use flexibility options without compromising the quality of their work.

This reflects the move across PwC towards flexibility, which is key for a multi-generational workforce like ours. Across the world, PwC firms increasingly run programmes to help their people be happy both at and away from work. Find out more about some of our people initiatives.

Results of our 2017 Global People Survey (percentage of people agreeing)

  FY17 FY16
I am proud to work for PwC 82% 83%
I would recommend PwC as a great place to work 72% 76%
I expect to be working at PwC 12 months from now 73% 75%
I have the opportunity to work on challenging assignments that contribute to my development 78% 79%
The people I work for support and demonstrate high standards of ethical conduct 80% 82%
The people I work for are considerate of my life outside of work 65% 66%
The people I work for trust me to use flexibility options without compromising the quality of my work 78% -


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