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We have produced a number of publications and multimedia presentations on gender diversity and women in the workplace, including:

Gender and Gen Y: Insights into Global Diversity in China
Diversity Best Practices and Working Mother Media hold an annual global event featuring two full days of conference programming. The Global Best Practice session, held on November 17 in Beijing, China, was designed to give Diversity Best Practices’ global members insight into the challenges of managing diversity in China.

The Gender Agenda
CNBC's Ross Westgate challenges business leaders to address gender equality.

Arab Women - Leadership Outlook Arab Women - Leadership Outlook
This new report offers a snapshot of the thoughts and views of a dynamic, intellectual and enthusiastic group of women in the Arab world.

The Gender Agenda blog
PwC’s Gender Agenda blog, an initiative of the global Gender Advisory Council, was launched in October 2007. Updated regularly, it provides a discussion platform for the global issues and debates which relate to women in business.

PwC's Closing the gender gap film: Challenges, opportunities and the future Closing the gender gap: Challenges, opportunities and the future
In this thought provoking video, leading business people, politicians and noted academics from around the world share their views on the gender gap and how it will impact our future.

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Empowering women to empower the earth publication Empowering women to empower the earth
Released at the 2008 Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society in Deauville, France, this report explores the interconnectedness between gender equality and sustainability along four possible pathways.

The leaking pipeline publication: Where are our female leaders? The leaking pipeline: Where are our female leaders?
This study is based on interviews with 79 female leaders within PwC's global network, on issues pertaining to women in leadership roles. It sheds light on the various obstacles faced by women as they rise within the ranks of professional services firms and provides recommendations to companies on how to build gender diversity in order to increase the bottom line while still promoting the advancement of women in the workplace.

Enablers, barriers, responses Enablers, barriers, responses
Launched at the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society in October 2007, this publication looks at the economic barriers and enablers which impact women in the workplace and offers perspectives and insights from working women in Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Spain, Sweden, and the US.

Why women mean business: Understanding the emergence of our next economic revolution Why women mean business: Understanding the emergence of our next economic revolution
PwC was proud to sponsor the 2008 UK, Canadian and American launches of Why women mean business, the groundbreaking book which takes the arguments for economic change to the heart of the corporate world. Endorsed by former global CEO Sam DiPiazza, the book urges companies to optimise women's talents in order to boost business performance. Download a sample chapter and learn more about Why Women Mean Business in the 21st century.