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Cybersecurity education for kids

PwC Romania, together with local non-governmental organisation (NGO) Adfaber, are working together to increase awareness among school children on how to stay safe in the online world.

Setting the scene

This is a new world that needs new skills. To many, that is an exciting prospect because it speaks to progress. But the sheer speed, scope and impact of technological change are challenging business and society at large, in fundamental ways.

Upskilling to prepare people for the new world is imperative as inaction can exacerbate the growing skills mismatch around the world, with millions of jobs going unfilled. Helping members of the existing workforce, those currently excluded, those starting their working lives and those in the next generation gain the knowledge and skills they need - and that society needs them to have - in the digital age will help mitigate this potential skills mismatch.

Along with preparing the next generation with these skills, people must also be given the knowledge and ability to keep themselves safe in the online world.

With mobile devices in the hands of millions of children across the world cyberbullying, data protection, appropriate behaviour online and personal digital footprints are all areas that children don’t think about when interacting online, but may potentially have significant negative impacts on their lives.

How we helped

PwC Romania together with local NGO, Adfaber, have collaborated and developed classroom learning with the aim of building students’ awareness and helping them more safely navigate the online world.

The workshops can be tailored to the classrooms overall awareness on the subject and age of the students. At times the discussion is led by the students, allowing them to engage, share their own experiences and drive their own learning on the topic of cybersecurity.

The workshops explore the positives and negatives of technology and the online world, cybersecurity and the basics of a personal cyber attack including tips on preventing one. An individual’s digital footprint is explained and how this might be used in the future by potential employers. Cyberbullying is another focus of the workshop and what it means to be a good digital citizen.


The programme launched in October to a small number of schools in Romania with planning underway to scale the programme. PwC professionals are engaged in training sessions to equip them to deliver the workshops to classrooms across the country, alongside teachers.

Ioana Ivascu PwC Romania and Project Coordinator is passionate about the project and said: 

"I have participated in three workshops so far and have been amazed at how digitally savvy these young people are, some as young as 10 years old". “This is an important programme and one that aligns with the firms New world. New skills. focus and also supports our global societal commitment to maximise the potential of 15 million people, NGOs and social & micro enterprises by 2022.”

Ioana Ivascu Project Coordinator, PwC Romania

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