Helping close the skills gap for children in rural China

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Multimedia classrooms to help children acquire new skills

Through building multimedia classrooms and developing financial curriculum, PwC China is helping children in rural areas to thrive in the new world.


Setting the scene

At 96.4%, China has one of the highest literacy rates in the world, thanks to its education reforms including free primary school places for all. However, economic, social and political disparities are contributing to education inequality between its rural and urban areas. This disparity will further widen as technology continues to advance. Investing in education has been a key focus area at PwC China for more than a decade, and we have established a strong foundation and framework for helping with local issues. Last year, PwC launched a global commitment to help maximise the potential of 15 million people, NGOs and social and micro enterprises by FY22. At PwC China we are continuing to expand the scale and reach of our education initiatives at a local level, to help address education inequality in China and support PwC’s global commitment.

How we helped

Aligned with this commitment, together with Adream Foundation, PwC China opened four “Adream Center” classrooms in November 2019, at schools in Midu, Yunnan province. With funds raised from our annual charitable fitness tournament “One Step, One Dream” and the external public, these multimedia classrooms are equipped with digital learning tools and include teacher training packages to help narrow the digital skills gap for over 4,000 students annually.

Adream Foundation is one of the charity partners that PwC China has been working with to help close the skills and opportunity gap for children and youth in rural China. We are working with Adream Foundation to help students in rural and underserved communities, developing curriculum and programmes that provide quality education.


In FY19 we helped Adream Foundation develop a new financial literacy curriculum which is aimed at benefiting tens of thousands of middle school students annually. In FY19, 200 teachers delivered this new course to classes in 97 schools across China, reaching over 11,700 students. Addressing this critical gap in the current education system will help to ensure the next generation has the right skills to make sound financial decisions.

As we move forward, our community investments will increasingly focus on New world. New skills., to help people live, learn, work and participate in the digital world, and PwC China is prioritising programmes that equip children and youth with digital skills, particularly those who are at risk of being left behind

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