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Chat Tax

Your day to day tax questions answered within 24 hours

Companies face numerous challenges on a daily basis when it comes to tax, especially with the constant changes in regulations and the overall not so simple nature of tax itself. It’s essential for Head Accountants or Tax Directors to possess the right information that will help them solve day to day problems within their business. 

Businesses need to have a trusted tax advisor to turn to on an ad hoc basis, to get answers on everyday tax issues in a timely but also affordable manner.

Solutions to your everyday tax issues in just 3 clicks

PwC Greece introduces Chat Tax - a platform-based online chat designed for clients to get answers to day to day tax and accounting questions - directly and with clarity. 

By using technology we have simplified a process of bringing solid answers to our clients that is cost effective, quick and efficient. Once access to Chat Tax is granted to the client, a question can be submitted with just 3 clicks at any given moment and will be answered directly within 24 hours. Simple, easy and value driven for the client.


A trusted advisor is key for your business 

The key benefits Chat Tax offers: 

No one knows your business like you; but our team can guide you with tax matters and give you the right answers.

With the provision of accurate, real-time information on the go, you’ll be in a position to solve your tax issues in a clear cut way.

With a dedicated advisor close by, there will always be someone you can turn to and another pair of eyes to ensure you got it right.

Privacy and data security is an important point of concern for our clients but also for us. The platform we use ensures that any sensitive information submitted to Chat Tax is secure and confidential.


An inexpensive way for you to resolve daily tax issues and offload any insecurities. It’s about premium value at a premium cost.

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