Insolvency and Business Recovery Services

Our Insolvency and Business Recovery Services support and advise from a legal perspective on the design, structuring and implementation of efficient and viable turnaround plans for financially distressed companies.

Our services may be provided alongside the dedicated PwC Deals-Business Recovery Services team.

Our range of services includes:

  • Legal assessment of options under the pertinent Greek regulatory framework;
  • Support during negotiations between stakeholders;
  • Drafting of required procedural and transaction instruments, including rehabilitation agreements, court petitions and any definitive corporate or contractual documentation required in the context of the opted process; 
  • Litigation support during court proceedings;
  • Legal support and advisory services during the implementation phase of the business recovery plan.

Successful business recoveries generate viable businesses, contribute to economic stability and bolster business sustainability indexes, while releasing human resources and capital tied-up into distressed situations.

Our clients, which include institutional creditors, investors and stakeholders of distressed assets, can benefit from the new tools provided by the reformed Greek insolvency framework, opting for the restructuring process/mechanism which is better suited to serve their particular business needs and requirements.

Our portfolio of recent transactions includes

  • Supporting the investor of a distressed winery business in Northern Greece on a pre-pack bankruptcy rehabilitation process;

  • Supporting an international investor of a distressed packaging manufacturer on a pre-pack bankruptcy rehabilitation process;

  • Supporting and advising Greek banks and the appointed Administrator-Insolvency Practitioner on the Special Administration process, pursuant to L. 4307/2014, of a Greek real estate company;

  • Providing  Due Diligence and legal structuring support services to the investors of a distressed winery Group of Companies in the context of an overall rehabilitation and restructuring scheme;

  • Advising the potential investor of a large manufacturing company under a special liquidation regime for public interest companies;

  • Advising the key stakeholder of a major industrial company on potential corporate and debt restructuring options;

  • Advising the lending bank in the sale process of a distressed Greek online media company;

  • Advising a major NPL servicer in the formulation of their NPL portfolios strategies in anticipation of entry into force of the new bankruptcy code;

  • Advising a major NPL servicer on a buy side legal due diligence and M&A process advisory regarding a large NPL residential  portfolio;

  • Advised EU and Greek Institutions on the formulation of the Greek State Strategy for addressing Private Debt in the Greek economy.

  • Advised EU and Greek Institutions on the Greek aspects of a EU funded project for the development and implementation of reforms on Credit Institutions Insolvency Legislation for Greece and Cyprus

  • Participation as legal experts in the ad-hoc working committees under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Private Debt in the context of formulating the new insolvency framework and the enactment of the new law on Insolvency.  

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